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    Zhang Jia Gang YaRui Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Mainly export of phosphate ester flame retardants and polyurethane
    curing chain extenders, supplemented by domestic sales

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    It has good compatibility and compatibility with TDI prepolymer.The prepared PU products have excellent physical and dynamic mechanical properties.It can be used in PU casting, spraying, RIM and other process technology methods; in PU elastomers, Microporous products, adhesives, coating agents and other products are widely used, and can also be used as curing agents for epoxy resins and for the preparation of polyimides. It is mixed with corresponding MOCA, 740M, etc. , Can improve the performance of PU elastomers, reflecting a good stacking effect.


    ★ Basic elements of the product

    Appearance: light yellow to white crystalline powder or columnar

    Cas No: 106246-33-7

    Packing method: There are three kinds of packing in net weight cardboard drum / box: 2kg, 20kg and 40kg.

    • Product description
    • Product Quality Checklist
    • Product Process

     ♦Physical Properties

    Chemical Name: 4,4'-Methylene-Bis(3-Chloro-2,6-Diethylaniline),Curing Agent Chain Extender MCDEA

    Molecular Formula:   C21H28Cl2N2

    Molecular Weight: 379.37

    CASNo.:  106246-33-7


    4,4'-Methylene-Bis(3-Chloro-2,6-Diethylaniline) (Curing Agent Chain Extender MCDEA) Is ?A Derivative Of MDA, And Can Be Prepared With TDI Prepolymers To Produce Excellent Performance PU Elastomer. It Is Mixed With The Corresponding MOCA, 740M, Etc. It Can Improve The Performance Of PU Elastomers, And It Shows A Good Additive Effect. In The PU Casting, Spraying, RIM And Other Process Technology Methods, As Well As Microporous Products, TPU, Adhesives, Coating Agents And Other Products, Have A Wide Range Of Applications. This Product Is Basically Non-Toxic And Approved By The European Union For Food And Drug Contact.


    Characteristics And Uses

    a. This Product Has Good Compatibility And Compatibility With TDI Prepolymers. The Prepared PU Products Have Excellent Physical And Dynamic Mechanical Properties, And Can Be Used In PU Casting, Spraying, RIM And Other Process Technology Methods; In PU The Elastomers, Microporous Products, Adhesives, Coating Agents And Other Products Are Widely Used In The Preparation;

    b. This Product Can Also Be Used As A Curing Agent For Epoxy Resin And For The Preparation Of Polyimide, Etc.;

    c. Due To The Introduction Of The "Ethyl" Group In The MDA, The Toxicity Of The Product Is Greatly Reduced. For Example, oral Poisoning Value For Rats Is LD50> 5000 Mg/Kg.



    4,4'-Methylene-Bis(3-Chloro-2,6-Diethylaniline) (Curing Agent Chain Extender MCDEA) Is Placed In A Cardboard Drum/Box For PP Bags With 2kg Each , 20kg, 40kg Three Kinds Of Packaging.

    Chain extender MCDEA-standard quality checklist-COA

    Name Chain extender MCDEA Lot number Production Date Quantity
    20180227 2018.2.27 5000KG
    Test items Test result
    Character White crystalline powder or columnar particles
    Melting point (℃) 87-90 ℃ 88 ℃
    Content (GC)% ≥99.0 99.1
    Solid density(24℃)(g/c㎡) 1.1-1.23 1.22
    In conclusion Qualified


    Outstanding private enterprise in Jiangsu Province
    Jiangsu Credit Integrity Brand Enterprise
    Jiangsu Top Ten Advanced Customer Satisfaction Advanced Enterprise
    Jiangsu Province Quality and Safety Qualified Units
    Jiangsu Province Green Environmental Protection Technology Innovation Enterprise
    ISO-9001-Quality Management System Certification
    Jiangsu AAA quality, service and integrity enterprise
    Jiangsu Province Quality and Safety Management AAAAA Brand Enterprise


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